Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Lost Continent - travels in small town America, by Bill Bryson

It was sent to me by another Bookcrosser, after being sent to her. I read and reviewed it September, 2012, and released it later.

Well, bookbirds and Ilios were right. Mr. Bryson did grumble and complain a lot in this book. I would love to be able to travel around the U.S. like he did! I'm sorry he didn't enjoy it more. There were a few laughs and chuckles, though. Enough to make MrHorse curious, so I 'll let him read it before we release it.

(I wonder how B. B. got from Selma to Tuskegee in Alabama without at least passing the outskirts of Montgomery! Not a mention, amazing! Also, I've shopped in the bookstore on the Auburn University campus as well as the ones in town. The one on campus has a good selection of all kinds of books.)

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