Monday, June 22, 2015

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan: A Novel, by Lisa See

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Read, reviewed, and released in December, 2009

This is a historical novel, very well researched, of women in a 19th century Chinese village, dealing with lifelong friendship, misunderstanding, betrayal, hurt, anger and reconciliation against a backdrop of village life, culture, tradition, epidemics, sorrow, joy, and a peasant uprising. It is not a very long book (253 pages), but it is excellent in my opinion.

It was very difficult to read of the cruel, torturous practice of binding the feet of young girls, mutilating them. I had heard of footbinding, but I did't know how agonizing it was. But there was much more to the book than this, and it was truly eye-opening to read of the culture, customs, and traditions of a people about whom I knew little.

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