Friday, June 26, 2015

The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck

Read, reviewed, and released in June, 2012

I am glad I bought it, and glad I read it! I thought it was something I "should" read, as it is a well-known classic, but I didn't know I would enjoy it so much. I couldn't put it down, took it everywhere, read it at the table and in bed.

It is a story of a man, a Chinese farmer sometime before the Revolution, and his everyday life, his family, his ambitions, hopes and dreams, losses and disappointments all told in a somewhat formal, almost stilted style. The man and his wife are named (Wang Lung and O-lan), but his children are only eldest son, younger son, third son, younger daughter, and "poor fool", his "imbecile" daughter who could only smile and play with a piece of cloth.

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