Saturday, June 27, 2015

Frederic: The Transforming Power of A Storm, by Eric D. Grizzle

Read and reviewed in September, 2012. Part of my permanent collection.

I walked in the Lifeway Christian Bookstore looking for a movie (October Baby), and spotted a sign on the door advertising a new book, a fictional account based on Hurricane Frederic, which devastated Mobile, Alabama in 1979. It was one of the major life events that impacted my mother for the rest of her life (along with the Great Depression, World War II, marriage, and me) . Husband and I and two young sons were living in Birmingham at the time. Husband and his brother came down here to help their mother and my parents. In B'ham - 250 miles north - we were without power two or three days. My parents were w/o power three weeks.

I walked out with a copy, signed by the author who was at the store that day!

6/27/2015 This isn't actually a review of the book, is it. I'm sorry. I'll read it again eventually, probably, but I have many books I've not read yet.

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