Friday, June 26, 2015

Secret Dream, by Muriel Fontenot Blackwell

Book image courtesy of journalpics

Read, reviewed, and released in September-October, 2012 (I don't know why I didn't keep this for my grandchildren. I wish now that I had.)

A children's book.
This was very quick to read and with a happy ending (I needed that!). A book about an Acadian family (Cajun) in Louisiana and the dreams of a young girl to further her education. Set in the early days of World War II when drastic changes were coming to everyone.

Ms. Blackwell is of Acadian heritage herself. She wrote in the Preface, "This book is not autobiographical. However, the characters have been drawn from many persons I knew and loved in my childhood. It is an attempt to present a true picture of the Acadian people and the struggles they went through as World War II brought abrupt changes to their way of life." The book was dedicated to her son and daughter "that they might better understand their maternal heritage, a simple but noble one."

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