Saturday, June 13, 2015

Aunt Erma's Cope Book, by Erma Bombeck

Read and reviewed in January, 2007. It is no longer in my possession.

A blast from the past. A series of satirical essays on the many and various self-help trends of the mid and late 1970s.
I have always loved Erma Bombeck's stories, and when I saw this book a Thrift Shop, I snatched it up immediately. I started reading it this evening, and am already in Chapter 5. It was published in 1979, and of course shows its age. I was a little surprised that so many things we took for granted in the 60s and 70s seem so quaint and old-fashioned now. I sometimes forget that the tools of modern technology that I now take for granted is really so new. Surprised at myself, I guess, for forgetting so soon that computers, internet, and cell phones were not always a commonplace part of life.

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