Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Prodigal Summer, by Barbara Kingsolver

Read and reviewed in May, 2013. No longer in my possession.

I just finished it yesterday, and am tempted to read it again before I release it. It was that good; I ususally don't read books twice.

This is an excellently written novel entwining the lives of three "pairs": Deanna and Eddy, Lusa and Cole, and Nannie and Garnett, a den of coyotes, and all of the farming community of Egg Fork and the wilderness of Zebulon Mountain. The women are the nurturers who care strongly about every wild creature and how they all fit into the ecosystem. They vainly try to convince the men, who are the hunters and destroyers, killing predators and poisoning the environment with chemicals. We become deeply involved in their lives and their passions, physical and emotional. Gradually the three threads come together as we see how they are connected to one another, even to the detail of a pair of brocade armchairs.

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