Monday, July 6, 2015

Nanny McPhee Returns, by Emma Thompson

A welcome change of pace from deep heavy themes and thrilling intrigues and conspiracies, this is a story of family and children and also a narrative of movie making.I thoroughly enjoyed this light-hearted family friendly tale! A mysterious nanny with magical powers appears just when the Green family needs her most. Father has gone off to war (World War II), the rich, bratty cousins have come to escape the bombing in London, and Mrs. Green will lose the farm if she can't get the barley harvest in. Her job at a general store is in chaos due to the elderly and confused owner who puts everything in the wrong places and there is also chaos at home, as her children and their cousins simply cannot get along. Here comes Nanny McPhee to the rescue, a fatter and uglier version of Mary Poppins, but no less effective in getting unruly children to actually want to behave themselves! Amid many mishaps, including an unscrupulous uncle and a septet of unusually talented baby piglets, order is finally restored and everyone is happy again.In amongst the "chapters" of the storyline are interspersed entries of Emma Thompson's diary of the filming of the movie. I found this somewhat distracting, and would rather have read the diary separately from the story. It was entertaining in itself, though.

I am keeping this book to read to my grandchildren.

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